If you were already planning on buying some fleet tracking devices and were already interested in the Vehicle Trak system from GPS Technologies then now is the time to buy.  From now until February 26, they are offering a significant discount on their service plans for the Vehicle Trak system.  The discount they are offering ranges from nearly 8% to a little under 5% depending on how often you get your updates.  The cheapest plans offer an update every five minutes while the most expensive plans offer an update every minute.  Depending on the way that you want to use these fleet trackers, you can really make a killing off of these products.

Discount Chart

Here is a quick run down of the normal costs and the discounts currently being offered:

Update Time Normal Price Discounted Price
5 Minute $19.25 per Month $17.95 per Month
5 Minute (Year) $199.42 $189.42
2 Minute $29.95 per Month $23.95 per Month
2 Minute (year) $275.00 $255.00
1 Minute $31.95 per Month $29.95 per Month
1 Minute (Year) $315.00 $299.40

As you can see, some of the discounts are much better than others. The largest discount is found in the 2 minute update category, while the best overall deal is found in the 1 minute update category. However, depending on the needs of your fleet the 5 minute update definitely provides the cheapest, most cost effective alternative for most fleets. Chances are most small businesses are not going to need an every minute update, so having such a cheap option is a pretty good thing.

In fact, there might be some serious reasons to choose a cheaper option if your business does not need very frequent updates. The main one is this: insurance discounts.

Insurance Premium Discounts For Fleet Tracking Systems

While you will definitely want to check with your particular insurance carrier, many companies will offer a discount on insurance premiums for vehicles that have a real time GPS tracker installed in them. I know of one provider that offers a discount as large as 33%!

Let’s put it like this. Imagine that your insurance premium per vehicle is around $100 per vehicle. If you receive just an 18% discount on your insurance premium then you will essentially be using your tracking system for free. If your discount is even greater than that or your premium is greater then you can stand to make money on the device, which could help you offset the cost of purchasing the product itself.

Vehicle Trak GPS Fleet Traker

If you are going to be able to take advantage of this deal you will need to buy the VehicleTrak from GPS Technologies.  Here is a list of the features that they mention of their website about it:

  • Open service plans – no contracts!
  • Low Cost Monthly Plans (as we have already seen)
  • Get 100 FREE Instant Locates with the device in addition to all your normal locates.
  • View multiple vehicles at once using a Google Maps interface.
  • Track important fleet metrics including mileage, stop times, and Locations.
  • Generate reports daily, weekly, or monthly to see your fleets activity.
  • See where your fleet is from any Internet enables PC.
  • Fleet tracking software can run up to 14 different reports to give you a better understanding of your fleet.
  • Intelligent Dispatch Capability – enabling dispatchers to find the closest vehicle with ease.
  • Get alerted on your mobile phone or email when a vehicle is speeding or has left its geographic boundary.
  • Low battery alerts let you know when the battery needs to be changed.
  • Door unlock functionality – unlock the doors of a vehicle remotely at no extra charge.
  • Starter disable  functionality – turn off a car remotely at no extra charge.
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Simple installation on all units! No wiring, no antenna on the VehicleTrak Plug; just plug the unit into your vehicle OBDII port or diagnostic harness.
  • Highly mobile and easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Coverage available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda & Puerto Rico

This is a decent amount of features for a fleet tracking unit.  If you were already considering the VehicleTrak then now is certainly the time to buy.  The added discount to the service plan is plenty of incentive to make the purchase.