Left hand turns, stop-and-go traffic, and driving over the speed limit are proven ways to burn more fuel. Nobody wants to burn more fuel, especially as fuel prices rise and there appears to be no end to price increases in sight. Every milliliter of unnecessarily burned fuel costs your company money that it could have been using to increase its value.

Fleet tracking systems, on the other hand, have a proven record in doing just the opposite. They can help you reduce fuel consumption, decrease the time your employees are in transit, improve worker accountability, and protect your fleet assets. This will reduce your expenses, enabling you to direct these funds into avenues that will help impact your bottom line and meet your financial benchmarks.

Many companies are becoming savvy to this fact and a few GPS fleet tracking produces are reporting that in the first half of 2008 they saw an impressive jump in sales. It is not hard to see why as fuel prices are increasing. Companies that employ fleets to get their employees out to clients need a way to hedge these increases and GPS tracking technology is certainly the wave of the future.

Here are some of the six of the main reasons companies are turning to the technological solution for fleet maintenance and management:

  1. Increase Fuel Efficiency – Since fuel prices do not seem to be likely to drop any time soon there is an increasing desire to engage in efficient driving practices. By using a GPS system you can optimize routes and instill good driving tactics within your drivers. Some analysts suggest that fuel bills can be reduced by about 13% through the use of GPS fleet tracking systems.
  2. More Productive Workers – Workers naturally slack off. It is only natural since they are often isolated from their coworkers out in the field and tiredness or distractions can creep in on even the most diligent of workers. However, when they know that their actions are being watched they will certainly be more productive, often without them even knowing it. This can can increase worker productivity significantly, reducing overtime hours and worker dissipation.
  3. Smarter Workers – Employees will be empowered to make better decisions with their time with a tracking system. Knowing that their actions matter will help the employees brainstorm on their own ways to streamline their production. A business that has all hands working toward the same goal is a stronger business.
  4. Safeguard Your Assets – With a GPS fleet tracking system you will always know exactly where a vehicle from your fleet is, even if one of your employees is not the driver. This information is of great value to law enforcement authorities. It will give you an advantage in recovering the vehicle and returning business operations back to normal.
  5. Falling Cost Of Technology – As we all know, computers are better and cheaper today than they were just a few years ago. GPS technology is no different. Since it is cheaper that means that a smaller portion of your budget has to go to purchasing the system and it is more likely that the savings from reduced fuel consumption and improved worker productivity will be significant even when you consider the purchase price of the units.
  6. It’s Just Plain Fun – Let’s be honest, managing a fleet can be fun – and especially so when you have cool high tech gadgets that help you do it. Imagine looking at a screen of your region and seeing move blips filling orders and making you money. The satisfaction can fill your belly with satisfaction like a warm bowl of soup on a cold a winters day.