If you are looking for some GPS fleet tracking software for your business but don’t want to part with a lot of cash can you think of a better price than free?  That is what OpenGTS provides to those with enough technical know how to set up this free and open source fleet management tool.

You might expect that a tool like this has practically 0 features – but you’d be dead wrong.  OpenGTS is a full featured GPS tracking solution for your business or fleet.  Its features include:

  • Web-based authentication: This means that you will be able to support multiple users in your account, each having their own unique password and username as well as access to specified features.  If you have a manager in charge of the tractors on left at the work site but don’t want him having to deal with all the information gathered from your mobile team you can set his account to only have access to the tractor tracking information.  This makes the product scalable for all fleet sizes and business needs.
  • Customizable web-page decorations: If you care how your interface looks you are able to change it with OpenGTS.  The look and feel can become of your specific company, increasing brand awareness among your employees.
  • Customizable mapping service: As of v1.8.3, OpenGTS comes with support for Mapstraction in addition to the original support for Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth. With the addition of Mapstraction OpenGTS can now display maps from OpenLayers, MultiMap, Map24, MapQuest, and more. Within the OpenGTS framework, other mapping service providers can also easily be integrated with minimal effort.
  • Customizable reports: Sometime in can be a big pain to sift through all the data for your fleet at the end of the day.  With customizable reports you can find historical data on problem employees or special projects that makes your life as a manager much easier.  Tracking can be done over the entire fleet or a single car or truck.
  • Customizable geofenced areas: Geofencing, as known as creating geozones, is the ability to mark up a map into territories.  These territories can be given custom names (suck at “Roger’s Turf,” or “Fueling Up”), making tracking service calls easy and effective.  You can even set up arrival and departure notifications so you know when a vehicle enters a certain area.
  • GPS tracking device independent: OpenGTS comes with support for OpenDMTP capable devices, but it is is not limited to these.  It can be made to work with nearly any available remote GPS tracking device. This compatability enables business to track a variety of devices with one single platform.
  • Operating system independent: OpenGTS is written in Java, uses Apache Tomcat for web service deployment, and MySQL for the datastore.  This means that it can run on pretty much any operating system found on a computer – from Windows Vista all the way to Linux.
  • i18n Compliant: OpenGTS is i18n compliant and supports easy localization (L10N) to languages other than English. Languages supported currently include English, Spanish, Italian, German, and Turkish.

That is a lot of features for free GPS fleet tracking software.  Here are a few screen shots fo the software to help you get a feel for how the interface looks:

Free Open GPS Tracking System

This software is kept relatively recent and has been updated in the past 6 months, meaning that you will not be left out in the cold if you decide to use this free software to track your company’s assets as they go about making you money.

The dowload is only 1.7 Mb so what do you have to lose in checking out this free GPS fleet tracking software?