Many people looking for at GPS fleet tracking might want to talk to someone about how this technology is going to impact their business.  GPS fleet consulting will help them think about whether or not their business will benefit from installing a management system and if the savings that the program should create will do a sufficient job of offsetting the cost associated with the initial purchase and subscription plan.  Unfortunately, there are only a few places to get this type of fleet tracking consulting and it is almost always by someone who has a vested interest in selling you GPS tracking products for fleets.

Where to Find Consulting?

This is by and large the hardest question for those looking for GPS fleet consulting.  But in order for us to answer this question we first have to take a quick look at the different things that different people might be thinking about when they think about getting some help figuring out if fleet tracking with GPS is something that they want to do.  For example, some people might just want to know if GPS fleet management is even worth looking into.  These people might pose their question like this:

Where does one find out the advantages of using GPS tracking technology to keep track of their vehicles and employees in real time?

The answer to this question is obvious – the Internet.  While some people do not necessarily trust information that they discover on the Internet, believing it to be a place filled with charlatans and cheats, there is some extremely excellent information to be had out there.  While you might not trust an article about the benefits of GPS fleet tracking for small businesses you might trust the Aberdeen Group, a provider of fact-based research focused on the global technology-driven value chain that was founded in 1988.  They did some extensive research analysis the effect of using GPS for small businesses and provide some of their results, for free, on the Internet (Aberdeen Group).

While determining if GPS fleet tracking is viable is only going to useful to those that have only heard about this powerful technology, there is still a lot more that people may be thinking about when looking for GPS fleet consulting.

Another topic that might interest them is the actual implementation and application of this technology with their business.  These people already know that fleet tracking software and GPS vehicle tracking can be very good for a business in theory, but they want to know if their particular business is going to benefit.  They want to know if the thousands of dollars they are getting to ready to spend on purchasing the hardware and the continual service cost that they will have to pay is going to end up being worth if for their business.  This is especially true of small businesses that do not necessarily have the ability to absorb costs that do not directly affect their bottom line.  They need to operate efficiently and keep expenses tight.

Will fleet GPS really help MY business?

Unfortunately, it is going to be very hard to answer this question.  The main reason is that there are very few people that you can go to get independent information about this.  In fact, we know of no person or service that will help you analyze your business to see if fleet tracking will help you that does not also sell GPS tracking devices, software, and services.  To some potential buyers, this is going to be seen as a conflict of interest and potentially deter them from making a decision about whether or not they should employ some sort of technological solution to curb fleet costs and improve worker efficiency.

The truth of the matter it that most businesses are going to benefit from real time GPS tracking.  The ability to locate your vehicles in real time and route them efficiently and effectively to new service calls is very powerful for businesses of all sizes.  But there are going to be some companies that are not going to benefit that much from the implementation of this technological solution.  Your best bet is to talk to several different fleet tracking providers and see what they think about it.  Chances are that if you get several estimates about the benefit your company is going to achieve you will get a pretty accurate picture of the way things could really turn out.  Not everyone is a liar, so spreading out your quotes and estimates is going to help you get a better understanding of what could go on for you.

This is true whether or not you have trucks, cars, vans, or tractor trailers.  Automobile GPS tracking is the same as van tracking, truck tracking or tractor tracking.  The only question is if your business is going to benefit from it or not.

In the end, GPS fleet consulting may or may not be able to answer that question for you.  Honestly, the only way to find out for sure is to take the plunge and buy some GPS fleet tracking.  Then you will know for sure if your business is going to benefit.