You can tell when a technology is good when the government starts adopting it. Since they are responsible to wisely use tax-payers’ money, they are have a fiscal imperative to make the most out of those dollars. For the most part, conscientious politicians and bureaucrats are actively seeking to reduce the amount of money that they waste while at the same time maximizing the impact of the money that they have.

To accomplish that goal one metropolitan area is seriously considering using GPS fleet tracking to create efficiencies in their fleet of around 3500 vehicles. Currently, workers have to use road maps or print out directions from places like MapQuest or Google Maps in order to get directions to the place they want to go. Once they are out in the field, they have limited flexibility in terms of responding to an additional – they have to know exactly where the new call is or they have to go back to the office to get more directions printed on the computer.

To end this cycle of wasted paper and unnecessarily consumed gasoline the Nashville, Tennessee is considering installing a GPS monitoring system in many of its vehicles. This system would not only help workers save fuel and arrive at destinations on time, it would also assist city managers in ensuring that their workers accomplish the tasks that they say that they do in a timely and efficient manner. The potential for savings of the GPS fleet tracking system are therefore twofold, and elimination of wasted gas and of wasted time.  However, it is hoped that the system will not have to be used punitively against city workers, but that seems to be an inevitability considering that statistically speaking there have to be some poor employees among the many municipal workers.

Right now Nashville is just considering the use of the fleet tracking system. They want to make sure that the cost does not outweigh the benefits. One city councilman, Charlie Tygard, was seen in a TV interview saying that the devices, when used properly, will pay for themselves in a matter of months – indicating that the he thinks the devices will be an excellent investment for the city. When a slow moving bureaucratic organization like a municipality is awakened to the benefits of GPS, don’t you think your business might benefit from it as well?

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