Find the right solution for you and your company (whether you are a small business or a large corporation) is very important. You know that different companies have different pricing structures and that the listed price is only the beginning of a back and forth conversation with any provider. This is especially true of large business which can leverage the fact that they are buying in bulk and negotiate a savings with a producer.

In an effort to help you find the best deals out in the GPS fleet tracking market, we are going to provide you with some information on different provides int he fleet management field.

The first provider we are going to be looking at is SageTracker World Tracking Solutions. The website for this company is fairly clean and straight forward. Navigation is principally found on the left sidebar and top link menu. Since the site also offers their own web-based real-time GPS fleet tracking they have a clearly marked section for the login for this feature under the ‘My Site’ link. This could probably more prominently placed, but it is sufficient to have it where they do.

The next thing that I noticed on the website for World Tracking Solutions was the following warning:

The use of a GPS vehicle tracking device to track a person without their permission could be illegal or result in a legal action against you, even if you own the vehicle.

Tracking another person’s vehicle is usually illegal without a warrant.

You should seek legal advice before using any GPS vehicle tracking device as the regulations vary from region to region.

I though that this was interesting for a couple of reasons:

  1. What are the implications for employers in this case? Are they unable to track their company’s vehicles? Do you need to get a lawyer to check out your GPS fleet tracking system?
  2. How many people use this to track people in an unlawful manner? Are they mostly psychos who are stalking women or children? Or paranoid spouses concerned with the every where about of their significant other.
  3. Why have this on the front page?

The site also has products on the landing page, which is useful for those seeking information immediately. Of the products on the main page the prices range from $215 for a simple data logger to $499 plus a subscription fee for a ST Sentinel GPS Fleet Tracker. According to the companies website the ST Sentinel is a durable and weatherproof GPS that has a batter life of years. It is designed to be used for remote and exception monitoring. The annual subscription of one hour reporting for this device will run an additional $499 per unit, bringing the total to nearly $1,000.

If you have question about any of the companies GPS products you can call the toll free number that they list on their website.  I am sure a friendly sales person or customer service representative will take your call and provide you all the information that you need to make an informed decision about the best type of GPS to buy for your fleet management needs.